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The recommended timeframe for diagnosis of ME is 4 months (3 months for children), although in reality it usually takes much longer. Diagnosis usually follows an exclusion process because the symptoms are similar or the same to a number of other conditions.

Medical professionals may refer to different diagnostic criteria because a few have been published within the UK. A GP can diagnose the condition, yet it's more commonly diagnosed by an ME Specialist, and in some cases, a Neurologist.

A diagnosis of ME can be particularly devastating as it affects a person's overall well-being. However, it may also bring a sense of relief if someone has been ill for a long time and can now begin to understand what's happening to them.

Early diagnosis is always advocated because it can make a difference to a person's health and quality of life, and it's also helpful if this is followed by the right information about managing the condition. Click here to read about the treatment for ME.