Welcome to Hampshire Friends with M.E.

We are a group of friends who suffer with the condition ME/CFS, or are relatives and carers of people with ME/CFS. We also now welcome those who suffer with Long-Covid into our group.

In past years we were able to offer a range of services to our members, including regular newsletters, meet-ups at various locations across the county, a library, speakers at our AGMs and a severely-affected visiting service. However, in more recent times, in common with many other support groups in the UK, we have had to cut back on many of the services we used to offer. This is due to factors such as lack of able-bodied volunteers, as well as the fact that members’ requirements appear to have changed, particularly with the increasing shift towards online interaction.

At the present time we see our main purpose as facilitating mutual support and friendship among our members, together with the provision and exchange of helpful information, chiefly via our website and Facebook group.

The local meet-ups we used to organise have not entirely disappeared. We are looking to re-start meetings in Portsmouth, Basingstoke and Southampton, and possibly other areas too, depending on demand. Christmas/New Year get-togethers have already been held in Southampton, Havant and Portsmouth, and monthly meet-ups are already arranged for Southsea/Portsmouth. Local group meet-ups and events are open to all members.

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"Finding this group has changed my world of loneliness to having the support of people that know what I'm going through. It has helped me to get out and actually meet people". 
S. Goddard
"It's of great benefit to draw upon the experience and knowledge of others in coping with everyday life, e.g. strategies to manage symptoms, navigating the benefits system, and what to expect from GP's and other medical professionals". 
R. Griffin
"Hampshire Friends with ME has been an absolute lifeline for me. The support and friendship from other members is fantastic". 
T. Chant