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Support us

You can support our charity in a number of ways, such as making a donation, raising funds through activities and events, and volunteering.

Make a donation

Your donation will help towards the annual costs of running this charity (website hosting, insurance, charity commission requirements etc) and thereby help our charity continue provide much-needed support for people affected by ME within Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

There are three ways to make a donation:

1. Debit/Credit card:
You can use the pink "Donate Now" button below to make a donation and specify the amount you would like to donate.

2. Paypal:We hope to provide this option shortly.

3. BACS:

You can transfer money directly into our bank account (please find our bank account details here: BACS Details). Several of our members have set up monthly or yearly BACS standing orders through their banks (e.g., £1 / month). This is very much appreciated.

Our bank account details are as follows: BACS_Details

Raise funds

You can help us to raise funds by shopping online through the fundraising website Everyclick. Click on the icon below to find out more.". :

Search the web and raise money for Hampshire Friends with M.E.


You can raise funds for the charity through activities and events, and through something you love doing, or a team event with family and friends.

Raise awareness of our charity

You can help publicise us by putting up leaflets and posters in your locality. You can download our publicity Materials by clicking on these links:

HFwME leaflet 2016       HFwME poster

If you, or a friend or neighbour, can take them into your local library, citizens advice bureau, chemist or anywhere else where people with ME might see it, that would be fantastic.

We can post leaflets and posters to you if you would be happy to place them for us. Please email us at admin@friendswithme.org.uk and let us know how many you would like.

Raise awareness of ME/CFS

You can raise awareness of the condition by sharing your own story of ME - perhaps through a Utube video or blog. You can also speak to others in your local community.