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Getting registered disabled and Care/adaptations from your local council:

Register as disabled with your local council. This is often done by going to the office for a quick questionnaire, but if you explain you are too ill, they should be able to complete it over the phone, or come out to you. You can use the link in the paragraph below to find the number for your local council.

Apply for a needs assessment from your local council. Go here to find out how: https://www.gov.uk/apply-needs-assessment-social-services

In some areas you may need to ask to be added to the OT/adaptations and Care waiting lists separately. Some councils will do an assessment for short term care first (6 weeks to get you back on your feet). They will, of course, find that this is inappropriate as you are long term sick/disabled. You can then move on to a long term care assessment.

Make sure that any person who is caring for you receives a carer’s assessment. You may be allocated extra care/other things to relieve this person. Councils will usually ask if you want one during your needs assessment. If not, request one.

Make sure you tell it how it really is! If you don’t normally get dressed, put make up on, shower, wash hair etc on days when you have no events on, don’t do it for the assessment. Behave how you do on a bad day. I recommend having a carer/friend/family member that you trust present in all assessments and meetings.

You will be allocated a certain number of hours a week care, based on your needs.

You will have a financial assessment to work out how much you will contribute and how much the council will contribute. Make sure you find receipts for anything you buy because of your disability, or spend extra on. This will be deducted from your contribution (sometimes what is counted and what is not is quite random, each council has it’s own definition). I got my iPad counted as I cannot use a laptop and it’s the only way I can communicate with the outside world.

At some point you will be asked to choose whether you want direct payments. This is where the councils contributions are put into a separate bank account (of yours), to which you put in your contribution, and then you pay your PA/care agency from that account. All this will be explained to you by the person from the council. If you want time to decide, ask for their email address so you can email them when you’ve had time to think about it.

The OT/adaptations people may come out and do a separate assessment, although in some areas they can work from the care assessment initially. They can supply things like grab rails, bath lifts, shower seats, perching stools and even adapt rooms so you can have a bathroom downstairs, if your need is sufficient. I recommend asking in the Facebook group for suggestions of what adaptations may help you before you see an OT/adaptations team member, so you can suggest things to them that you think will help you specifically.