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Why join us?

Here are just 5 reasons why you might want to join us:

  1. Dedication: We are dedicated to improving the lives of people affected by ME within Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.
  2. Our understanding of the condition: We know that ME is a chronic and very disabling condition, and we work hard to break-down the myths often associated with it.
  3. Support in coping with the condition: We know that support is vital for coping with the condition, and we provide access to different forms of contact and support.
  4. We value and listen to our members: We are friendly and knowledgeable, and work hard to ensure that our members feel valued. We listen to what our members have to say, and we share ideas with all our members.
  5. Raising our profile: We work hard to raise the profile of our charity, and to increase membership opportunities.

Membership fees and levels

We try to keep our membership fees at a cost that is affordable for all, and our membership fees are as follows: £3.50 for under 18 membership£8.50 for associate and individual membership, and £10 for family membership. Associate membership is for those who have a professional interest in ME, and our family membership covers more than one family member residing at the same address.

Benefits of membership

Benefits of membership are listed below, yet please note that associate members are excluded from some of these.

  • Group meet-ups and events: You can attend our local group meet-ups, our ME-friendly chill-outs and events, our annual general meetings, and our subsidised Christmas lunch.
  • Contacts: You can exchange details with other members through our contact list.
  • On-line chat: You can chat with other members via our interactive Facebook group.
  • Counselling: You can self-refer to our confidential telephone counselling service.
  • Articles and news: You can receive our regular newsletter 'Connect', which includes charity news, and interesting articles contributed by members.
  • Exclusive Members Area: If you have an email address, you can access the Members Area of our website.
  • Resources: You can access our benefit guides for claiming Employment Support Allowance (ESA) and Personal Independence Payment (PIP), and other useful information.

Ways to join us


If you would like to join us, please:

Complete the on-line form below and press "submit".

You can pay your subscription by Paypal or by BACS. When you press "submit", the paypal option will come up. Or, if you prefer to pay by BACS, our account details for BACS payments are here: BACS_Details

Or you can also download our membership form and pay your subscription cheque or postal order.

Email membership@friendswithme.org.uk for an application form or call 0845 834 0325.  

    Please note that any member who fails to pay their subscription within three months of lapse will no longer be considered a member.
    All donations are gratefully received. Your donations can help us to maintain the website and assist with publicity and support for new members. If paying by Paypal rather than BACS, please use the pink "donate now" button to the right of this screen.
  • If you're paying by BACS or PayPal, why not set up an annual standing order? This would be a great help in cutting down admin. Please give us the date that your first annual payment will be made. Your support is greatly appreciated.