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Code of Conduct for Facebook Group

Hampshire Friends with M.E has a closed Facebook group for members who have paid a joining fee so that we can verify they are "real" people.

This group’s aim is to provide a forum for social links with other members for contact, information and support. Our aim is to provide a platform for friendship and fun as well as support.

We do not want members feeling obliged to do things, try things, sign up to things or in any way do more than they are doing now, just getting through the day.

To ensure that members feel safe within this group we ask that you abide by the following rules:


• Post information designed to promote a business or service that is not
connected with ME/CFS
• Post advertisements for any paid business or service
• Post anything advocating suicide and self-harm
• Post online Campaigns or Petitions
• Post Party Political information or statements
• Post anything sexually explicit
• Post anything to promote criminal behaviour

As we wish for a stress-free, fun-filled group we are against any form of bullying. So we ask that members follow our anti-cyber-bullying policy & the following guidelines:


• Make aggressive or rude comments
• Harass any member
• Be negative about an individual member
• Make racist or sexually explicit comments

If a member is in any doubt whether a post could contravene the rules, he or she is welcome to contact a Facebook group administrator (listed below) in advance for guidance.

If a member has a complaint they should contact the Membership Secretary (membership@friendswithme.org.uk). An acknowledgement of receipt will be sent and a full response given within two weeks.

A Facebook administrator has the authority to take down posts or threads that break the above rules and take members out of the group for a month. Further infractions will result in permanent removal from the group. They will inform the Membership Secretary of their actions and the member can appeal to the Committee about the decision. The Committee will review the administrator’s decision and respond within ten days. The Committee’s decision is final.

Facebook Group Administrators:

Roger Griffin
Julie Georgiana Cody
Linda Clarke
Trude Chant

Please do not block Admin for any reasons.